Blessing Based Spiritual Nurture

Forever Falling

Remembering your smile, which is in the past,
Memories keep fludding back,
My composure for this I do lack,

Everything is in a slow motion,
I really can not stand all this commotion,
The wind pushes past me without a care,
This happiness I found with you I have found to be rare,

You left me with out a word and sad eyes,
There were no last goodbyes,
Blackness right now is all I see,
I thought all this could never be,

I wish these memories would go away,
For I do not wish to remember them now or any other day,
Things are better left behind and unsaid,
For some reason it is not for it stays in my head,

Falling and never hitting ground,
For me there is no sound,
I will never be found, for that is untrue,
And your memories I seem to be bound to,

One thing that I can notice that will stop never,
Is that I am falling in blackness forever.

January 7, 2008 - Posted by | 2nd Death

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