Blessing Based Spiritual Nurture

My Otherself

Within your heart, I am with you –
as you journey on life’s rugged roads.
I too, have felt the summer’s heat –
and the chill of winters cold.

The life you live is not in vain –
it has a purpose you may not see,
it’s part of the cross you must carry –
as you struggle to follow me.

I’ve walked those dusty roads like you –
and have tasted the sand of deserts dry,
I’ve encountered the devils temptations –
and though I felt alone, I did survive.

I’ve felt the pain that fills your heart –
for I too, was spit at and mocked,
and though the load I carried was heavy –
I am still the Shepherd of this flock.

Into your eyes I gaze and ponder –
the many thoughts that flood your mind,
knowing that you will be healed –
though it may take a long, long time.

Each, in my heart, I hold so precious –
not one of you, do I cast aside,
but hold you so very close to me –
and wipe away those tears in your eyes.

If you find yourself so heavy burdened –
when I knock, will you open up the door?
for I can take away what weighs you down –
give you joy and peace, and so much more.

I give the light by which you can see –
but there is a price that you must pay,
turn yourself away from the world –
and give yourself to me each day.

You can only serve, but one Master –
it’s a choice that you must decide,
a risk that has no promise –
except that I will be right by your side.

The reward of Heaven is very costly –
you must surrender yourself to Me,
but in doing so, you will find –
that only I can set you free.

The gift I give to you, is each other –
not to put your life upon a shelf,
for aside from sin, I am like you –
you are an extension of . . . My Other Self!


January 7, 2008 - Posted by | 2nd Death

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